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The word “Justice” is connected with the term fairness and it would be ironical if we the legal systems of ours were to stop working in providing free legal services to the very poor folks. People know that the services of professional lawyers and attorneys are expensive; in spite of the fact, it will be incorrect if the common individuals lost out on getting justice just as they are poor. The entire purpose of working with a judiciary system gets negated if we don’t have provisions for the very poor folks to obtain justice in the proceedings of theirs.

Competition Law think that providing free legal services to poor people that put another financial burden on the Govt. And therefore despise the demand for free legal service for the bad folks. There are surely gon na be a whole lot of budgetary complications however this’s no defense for the Govt. to back off and simply watch this injustice being undergone by the bad individuals.

When people try and evade their income tax payments, none of the IRS employees would step back and say OK fine you can get away with not paying taxes. Everyone would be vigilant and would attempt to make every single citizen pay their taxes however with regards to providing legal services not most of us bother to even think about what the very poor folks need to be going through when they’re deprived justice just as they are poor.

What would do you think would be the repercussion of being deprived justice? Let us take a good example of a male that has a piece of land that is the source of his of income since he’s a farmer. Now if someone encroaches this male’s land, don’t you not assume he deserves to complain about this in the court of law? To be ready to get justice this poor farmer, who is already in a problem, would need legal assistance which is very costly. Today is it ethically right for many of us as citizens of a country to sit and watch a fellow citizen getting deprived of justice because he is poor?

Each and every one of us is a mature adult and can surely create a plan to help these individuals in getting justice as and when needed. Firstly we need to be realistic. The full population of the land and that is bad is not going to need legal assistance every time. A not a lot of individuals out of this poor part of citizens would need legal assistance in the whole life cycle of theirs.

Let’s think like this, don’t countries across the nation finance the satellites of theirs and military equipment as well as the spacecrafts? These projects are massive and involve massive amounts of dollars. So once the Govt. is proficient at funding these massive projects then why not focus slightly on providing legal services to the bad citizen. To be extremely truthful, it’s all about the motivation of the men and women of our country. We can only wish that some powerful and caring individuals raise this issue with and give it a prosperous end which will make justice accessible for all.

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